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John Isemann

Have an idea? Building a business? Launching a campaign? Taking your passion project to the next level? We've got you.

This course is a practical download of a decade's worth of experience executing on ideas and turning vision into value.

Three core chapters that are each as philosophical as they are tactical. High level thought balanced with granular tools, templates, and practical next steps to win your next election, raise your next round, and just maybe...change the world.

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Fall 2022 release. Pre-order/deposit gives you access to a la carte pricing (core chapters $300 / additional content $50-100) or all access for $999.


Chapter 1 - introduction
Breaking down any mission or movement into the three keys of vision, architecture, and execution.

Chapter 2 - vision
The starting point. Discerning dreams from ideas and cultivating a vision that can drive value.

Chapter 3 - architecture
How to implement structure that scales from you behind a screen to you leading an all star team

Chapter 4 - execution
Do it yourself, delegate, get it done.

Appx. A - political
Notes from going 0 to 1 in the most competitive congressional race and complex political climate in the country.

Appx. B - non-profit
Notes from rebranding and rebuilding an international NGO.

Appx. C - startup/venture
Notes on going from seed to series a during a pandemic and working with some of world's fastest growing startups, largest NGOs, and most influential companies.

Appx. D - passion projects
What ideas might work, and how to work em'.

BONUS 1 - our favorite tech
Updated monthly - the tools (many of which you might have overlooked) to help make it all happen.

BONUS 2 - personal/professional balance & development
A fancy way to say...none if this matters if you're burnt out.

Twitter/Social: @johnisemann3

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campaign in a box.

I want this!